ArtsConnect: Studio ACE’s Arts Integrated Curriculum Program

April 23, 2019

The acronym ACE stands for Arts, Community & Education. Our signature program, ArtsConnect, incorporates all three elements in our innovative K-8 School offering. This  program was created by and currently supervised by Linda Kallas, a retired, award winning arts teacher. After consultation with the classroom teacher, lesson plans are created, infusing the arts into Common Core subjects (math, language arts, science, literacy etc.) to enhance the student-learning experience. Each lesson integrates as least two of the arts (music, movement, performance, visual art) as well as imparting communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity elements.

The arts and ArtsConnect provide an enriching, experiential opportunity for students to learn by doing through the arts as well as express themselves creatively.  There are ample studies that prove the arts engage the whole brain thus engaging the whole child through sensory experiences, which actively engage students in the process of learning.  The arts have proven to be instrumental in increasing attendance, decrease discipline issues, as well as improvement in test scores, all of which are critical issues in CA schools. Our goal at Studio ACE is to provide as much opportunity as possible to help educate our children through the arts.

Learn more about ArtsConnect here.