Studio ACE is dedicated to enriching lives through Arts, Community and Education.


All of Studio ACE’s programming relates to arts education. We have four main areas of programming: 

1.     ArtsConnect: An Integrated Arts Curriculum Program ~ Our signature program is ArtsConnect, a K-8 elementary school program. This program integrates the arts with Common Core subjects. Our entire student programming employs Visual and Performing Arts Standards, the Elements and Principles of Art and the project’s connection to art history. For more information, please click HERE>

2.     Art Classes ~ We have a storefront that provides low-cost art lessons to children. We have a donor who supplements all children’s classes, so children receive a high quality art lessons at an affordable price. Adult class fees also help to supplement the children’s classes. 

3.     Community Festivals ~ We participate in art walks, fairs and festivals around the community providing a free art project to complement the theme of the fair or festival. 

4.     Community Collaborations ~ We collaborate with community members on specific programming working with organizations such as the Oceanside Library, Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, Oceanside Fire Fighters, City of Oceanside, Buena Vista Nature Center and the Museum of Making Music. 



  1. Arts. There is a severe lack of arts education for children and adults in the North County San Diego area. One example is the Oceanside Unified School District, which has little or no arts education for students until high school. Studio ACE will fill the gap by offering arts enrichment programs throughout the community.

  2. Community. North County San Diego is one of the most culturally diverse and ethnically rich areas in the US. While these cultures are recognized and observed through festivals and other offerings, there is a lack of awareness in our community about the diversity of the community itself. Studio ACE will bring awareness and celebrate our diversity through community events and actions. The arts are a perfect vehicle to accomplish these goals.

  3. Education. Education should be the cornerstone of our society. Without education, we lose on every level. With education, the world is open to us. Studio ACE will work with community leaders and organizers as well as teachers to educate our community to make it stronger.


Openness: We respect all people and embrace and encourage diversity. The arts are as diverse as our global community and we welcome all creativity.

Compassion: We care what happens in and to our community and want to be a part of lifting our community up.

Participation: We encourage volunteers of all ages and walks of life to be a part of our organization. We can’t do it without you!

Accountability: We vow to use our resources to better our students and community and to maintain financial integrity at all times.

Collaboration: We promote collaboration with members of our community to best serve the people in it.

Creativity: We believe in every person’s imagination, inspiration and ingenuity, whether great or small and it is our intention to promote and foster such creativity.

Commitment to Excellence: We promise to hold our organization to the highest standards in regards to transparency, integrity and honesty