Robin Satori

   Born to Teacher parents, and from three generations of Artists, Robin is at home in any teaching setting. She deeply believes that through education, the World can be brought closer together. This has always driven her Love of teaching.

   Practicing Yoga has been the mainstay of her fitness program for her entire life. She is certified in Physio-Synergy Yoga, which is a modern western based approach. It is derived mostly from Hatha Yoga. She also incorporates elements of Somatic Yoga into her classes.

  Robin has been a teacher for “The Kid’s College” - a non profit after school enrichment program, since 2003. Class subjects have included Yoga, Arts & Science, Environmentalism and Jewelry Design. She has also been privileged to work with special needs students and families. It is her view that everyone is given unique gifts.

   Environmentalism, Geologic History and Prospecting interests have taken up much of her recreational time and greatly enriched her personal travel experiences.

   Educational programs completed include Arts programs at several colleges, undergraduate courses at UCSD in Biology, Anthropology & Calculus, multiple certificates from The Gemological Institute of America and private apprenticeships in Arts & Jewelry Design.

   Robin is a creative, enthusiastic and organized teaching professional. She is skilled in classroom management, as well as inspiring students to think artistically and “outside of the box” in every subject. Her greatest personal joy is in developing natural rapport with each student, as they learn tools to better manage themselves in our busy world.

To see Robin’s Jewelry on her Dragonfire Designs Facebook page, click Here.