Welcoming All Our Military to Studio ACE!

Since opening Studio ACE in June, we’ve had the honor and privilege to meet our new neighbors and the community we’ve settled into that we happily call home. We’ve had many individuals and families walk by our windows … and stop … and look closer and we’ve said “Hi!” and we’ve had a chance to talk with many of you.

It’s been a delight to see how many Military Families have dropped in to the Studio these past few months! Since we’d like to help out in a small way; we’re offering a 15% discount to every one of our military art students, whether you’re active duty, a spouse, a dependent, veteran, reserves or retired. 

As we’ve been updating our website, we now offer a drop-down menu for All our Classes and Art Camps where you can just click on “Military Discount”, with the price automatically calculated; and you’re good to go!  

Spread the word in O’side; we’d love to see more of our Military Community creating art with us! 

Getting Established at the Studio!

It’s been awhile since our last post. A LOT of new things have been happening since we opened in June and we’ve been Very busy adding more classes and getting our new studio space established. The community has been wonderful and we’re meeting new artists and artists-in-training every week!

We’ll have some news and updates for you on this page very soon!

In the meantime:
Please check out our expanding line up of classes and workshops in addition to the events we have out in the community of Oceanside, on our Calendar Page.

If you’d like to receive weekly updates from Studio ACE, please sign up on our Contact Page.

See you soon!

Our New Space

After working out of our homes and storing supplies in garages throughout North County, we are thrilled to be in the process of signing a lease for a space in Oceanside. Having this space will allow us to greatly expand arts opportunities in the community.

Our commitment to providing accessible arts for children and families in Oceanside and the North County communities is strong and unwavering!

We are working hard getting the place at 3861 Mission Avenue in Oceanside ready for our Grand Opening in early June.